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第三届网络社会年会-智慧都市网络(IUF)报告人 | 迈克尔·拉方:共善都市规划与社区发展:公私之间,以柏林为例

克尔·拉方(Michael LaFond),都市行动者,共善社区发展与共同住宅专家。id22:柏林创新可持续研究所(id22:Institute for Creative Sustainability)发起人、所长。项目包括,著书、“实验日”住宅集市、在线平台“共同住宅柏林”、“创意可持续旅行”。有艺术、建筑、都市发展的跨领域背景。任教于柏林工业大学居住与住宅方向、CIEE设计与可持续研究院。研究自组织、都市民主化、可食地景、共乐(conviviality)。居住在斯普雷河岸的合作社的斯普雷分租公寓1号(Spree WG 1)共享生活组。

Dr. Michael LaFond, Urban Activist, Common Good Community Development and CoHousing Expert. Founder and Director of id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability. Projects: CoHousing Cultures and CoHousing Inclusive books, EXPERIMENTDAYS housing market, CoHousing|Berlin online, Creative Sustainability Tours. Interdisciplinary background in art, architecture, urban development. Teaching: TU Berlin Habitat & Housing and CIEE Design & Sustainability. Researching: self-organization, urban democratizations, edible landscapes, conviviality. Home: Spreefeld Cooperative’s Spree WG 1 shared-living group.

Common Good Urban Planning and Community Development: Somewhere Between Private and Public. Examples from Berlin

了最终在“可持续城市”(在文化、社会、生态、经济上做到公正的城市)之路上迈进一步,我们需要加大对“智慧市民”以及“智慧团体”的支持。更多的参与和DIY(自己做)可鼓励市民的企业精神,此外更需要DIT(一起做),让市民、公司和民主架构一起合作。要以新自治(New Municipalism)的理想支持智慧+强健的市民、智慧+强健的团体和城市。


To finally make progress on our path toward the “Sustainable City” – the culturally, socially, ecologically as well as economically just city – we need to be giving much more support to “Smart Citizens” – and beyond that to “Smart Groups”. Not only more participation and more DIY – in the sense of entrepreneurial citizens – is to be encouraged – but beyond that much more DIT – in the sense of cooperating citizens and cooperative, democratic structures. Smart+Strong Citizens as well as Smart+Strong Groups and Cities are to be supported – with the idea of a New Municipalism.

Somewhere between private and public there are structures including forms of ownership and organisation – which can involve and coordinate people in effective, sustainable, communicative, and convivial ways. How to understand the possibilities of the Commons and the practices of Commoning? How to work together for the Common Good? Best Practices are presented and discussed to illustrate these principles, especially including projects from Berlin, as summarized in the publication CoHousing Inclusive.

エルメスiphoneケースエルメス。ハーメスは1837年に設立され、伝統工芸に忠実で革新的な国際企業です。バッグ、ハーネス、シルク製品、婦人服、紳士服、宝飾品、靴、香水、腕時計、アート家具、ベルト、手袋、 帽子、エナメルジュエリーとアクセサリー、食品の磁器やその他の16の主要製品カテゴリ。 エルメスは伝統的な職人技と優れた原材料を組み合わせています。 1921年にイタリアのフィレンツェに創業したグッチiphoneケースは、世界をリードする高級ブティックブランドの1つです。 その優れた品質と絶妙なイタリアの職人技で有名なコレクションには、皮革製品、靴、香水、宝飾品、腕時計などがあります。 グッチiphoneケース、そうだよ! 世界最高の高級品、エルメスの底、GUCCIセカンド、シャネルが初!