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第四届网络社会年会-网民21报告人樱田和也 | 跨越边界的泛亚草根:一百年

樱田和也,注册信息系统审计师(CISA),大阪市立大学城市研究特聘讲师,专注于失业社会学和研究方法论领域。他撰写了大量有关当代艺术、失业/无家和不稳定性的文章,此外也从事杂志与书籍的编辑和共同书写工作。作为研究人员,他的实践工作涉及社会统计、纪实记录、数据典藏、基于unix工具的分布式计算,以及媒体、艺术和学术界的项目组织。理论工作则围绕意大利后工人主义的研究。目前他正在进行弗兰克·布拉迪(Franco Berardi)有关瓜塔里之专著的日文版翻译工作。

Sakurada Kazuya, CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), is a Specially Appointed Lecturer at Urban Research Plaza of Osaka City University and focuses on sociology of unemployment and research methodology. He has written a number of essays on contemporary arts, joblessness/homelessness, and precarity in addition to editing and co-authoring magazines and books. His practical work as a researcher involves social statistics, documentation, and data archiving, distributed computing based on unix tools, and project organising in media, arts, and academics, while theoretical work revolves around the study of Italian post-Operaismo. Currently he is translating Franco Berardi’s monograph on Félix Guattari into Japanese.


山鹿泰治(1892-1970)是一位出色的活版印刷术家,也是一位活跃的世界语学者,曾协助大杉栄(1885-1923)印刷文件档案同时并出版《平民新闻》(Heimin Shimbun)。他在大日本帝国殖民战争时期的上海、高雄、台北和马尼拉四处旅行。刘师复(1884-1915)出版的《民声》就是他的合作方之一。山鹿泰治不仅为上述那些有名的人物留下历史记录,他还记录了许多海内外各地匿名或不为人知的草根人物。现在,我们还可以从名为“黄昏日记”的文字中找到当代见解,从而追踪当年他们是如何生活、移动和交流的,以及战后他在晚年参加在印度举行的反战者国际(War Resisters’ International)会议等。演讲将回顾20世纪初更多有趣的地下出版、旅行和传播案例。

Trans-Asian grassroots beyond the border: a hundred years.

Namely a vigorous Esperantist Taiji Yamaga (山鹿泰治: 1892-1970) who was a good letterpress typographer, had assisted Sakae Osugi (大杉栄: 1885-1923) for printing documents and publishing Heimin Shimbun (平民新聞: The Commoner’s News). He traveled around Shanghai, Kaohsiung, Taipei, and Manila under the pressure of imperial Japan during its colonial wartime. Min Sheng (民聲: Voice of the people) published by Liu Shifu (劉師復: 1884-1915) was one of his collaboration. Not only them as popular ones historically recorded, he remembers a lot of anonymous or unknown grassroots who crossed sea beyond the border. Now we can trace how do they live, transport and communicate as we find contemporary insights also from a memory entitled the Twilight Journal (黄昏日記) in his later decades after the war and his attendance of the War Resisters’ International conference in India. The more interesting case of underground publishing, traveling and communication examples in the early 20th Century will be reviewed in my keynote.