april, 2018

25apr2:00 pm5:00 pm丹尼尔•罗斯 (Daniel Ross):药的规训( Seminar 3: Pharmacology of Discipline)


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In Seminars 1 and 2, the notion of ‘discipline’ was introduced in two different ways: the discipline of ‘power’ and the disciplines of ‘knowledge’. When Foucault discusses the educational institution, it is to see the school as another kind of panopticon and the ‘apparatus of writing’ as a means of disciplinary power within the institution. But how can that understanding be articulated with the account in‘Self Writing’ of writing as a technics of the self in service of its cultivation? Is the school only an apparatus for disciplining ‘bodies’, or is it the institution that cultivates the discipline required for those bodies to pay attention to the transindividuation of the disciplines of knowledge, andthrough that to leave behind what Kant called ‘immaturity’ in order to become mature citizens, who are reading and writing citizens? So is writing apractice that produces autonomy or automatism, or is this a false question? We will examine it through Taking Care of Youth and the Generations, §35.




(Wednesday) 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


中国 杭州 中國美院学院南山校區 四號樓309

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