april, 2018

23apr2:00 pm5:00 pm丹尼尔•罗斯 (Daniel Ross):经由写作的个体化( Seminar 2: Individuation through Writing)


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In Taking Care of Youth and the Generations, Bernard Stiegler reads Foucault’s concept of ‘subjectivation’ in terms of his own understanding of what he (following Simondon) calls ‘individuation’. Crucial to that reading is the way in which this cultivationof the subject draws upon a ‘preindividual fund’ of written traces in order to co-individuate both an I and a we, an individual and a collective. For Stiegler, these intergenerational processes must be understood in terms of the dual movement of interiorization and exteriorization they entail, and in terms of the way that writing, as the ‘grammatization’ of speech, makes possible the ‘self-disciplining’ of the individual but also the constitution of the disciplines of knowledge that are the fruits of interiorizaton and exteriorization that Stiegler refers to as processes of ‘transindividuation’. For this, we will read Taking Care of Youth and the Generations, §45.





(Monday) 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


中国 杭州 中國美院学院南山校區 四號樓309

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